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Environmental Policy

Vision Statement

Viento Creation Inc., as a good corporate citizen, while doing hotel business, will contribute to the preservation of natural resource on this planet by maintaining and improving its hotel management system that is designed to be kind to the environment of the Earth. We are well aware of the needs of the modern society to achieve sustainable growth imposing less load on the environment.

Governance principles
1. We do our best to assess the impact of our hotel operation to the environment, and to reduce environmental load, as part of our total management system, we save natural resource and energy, separate combustible / non-combustible / other garbage appropriately, and promote recycle.
2. We repair and improve our buildings in the way that they can last long, considering the influence of our hotel operation to the environment.
3. When we have to repair the buildings or renew our facilities, we are eager to choose the best methods of construction and energy system so that we can be kind to the environment.
4. With an understanding and cooperation from not only the partner companies of our hotel operation, but also the tenants, we, as the entire community in our buildings, do try our best to preserve the environment.
5. We do our best to prevent pollutions by complying with relevant environmental laws and regulations.
6. By keeping educating our employees, we make them conscious to our environmental policy and let them always remember and comply with it.

Contribution to society

We support the following organizations as a corporate member;

Japan Foster Plan Foundation logo
Japan Foster Plan Foundation
What’s Foster Plan?
Foster Plan is an international NGO for community development involving the children of developing countries. Based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we aim to realize a world where all children can enjoy their rights and exercise their potential. "Every Small Effort" mean the patient efforts and forward movement of the children and residents in our program areas, as well as the support from all over the world as well as Plan's activities. In order to resolve the problem of poverty, we accumulate these small efforts across national boundaries and cultures. (from Foster Plan Japan’s website)
©2004 Japan Foster Plan Foundation

© Viento Creation Co., Ltd.

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