Cheap hotel in Ebisu, Shibuya, Gotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo. Japan

Cheap, Discount hotel reservation, room booking, in Tokyo, Ebisu, Shibuya, Gotanda, and Shinagawa from Yen 3,500 / night

We run Japanese capsule hotels and budget hotels. We provide tourists and backpackers with discount accommodation.

About Capsule Hotel

Born In Twenty Five Years Ago

"Capsule hotel" was born in twenty five yeas ago in an attempt to provide accommodation to stay with the quality as good as budget hotel and the price as reasonable as sauna spa (sauna spa had been deemed inexpensive in Japan). Mr. Noriaki Kurokawa, who advocated the need of capsule houses (*) in 1970 when the World Fair in Osaka was held, was the first to design capsule hotel. The "capsule" was a very small private cell-like space, and, like a capsule that contains oral medicine, each "capsule" contained lights, TV and radio (and a person, not to mention) and was air-conditioned, as well. Those cells were lined up adjacent to each other, like cells of beehive. The capsule hotel took people's attention as a brand-new service back then.

Capsule is Earthquake Proof

The body made from flameproof FRP which complies with Building Standards Law is contained in a strong iron frame. In this way, each capsule is made to achieve high standard of safety for users.

photo of capsule room
What's capsule room?
What's private capsule room?

'Private Capsule room' is equipped with a capsule bed (single-type) that is different type of bed than the one a usual capsule room has.

Its entrance is different than the one used for an ordinary single room; A Private Capsule has a revolving door of early American style. Private Capsule is a room between single room and capsule room.

Central Inn Gotanda (Gotanda) has seventeen Private Capsule rooms.

Please click here for more details about Private Capsule rooms.

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