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Capsule Hotel FAQ

Capsule Hotel question What is Private Capsule?
Capsule Hotel answer

A Private Capsule is a room which has wider private space than an ordinary capsule. It has a capsule bed (single-type) which makes your stay more comfortable. And it is also equipped with a desk, room lights, electrical outlet, and LCD TV, which enables you to do some work with a laptop. In short, a Private Capsule is a type of room between an ordinary capsule room and a single room.

17 Private Capsule are available now at Central Inn Gotanda (Gotanda).

Click here for the details of Private Capsule.

Capsule Hotel question Can a female stay in capsule?
Capsule Hotel answer We are afraid, but a capsule room is available only for male. However, single and twin room (a room with two single beds) are available for female.

Capsule Hotel question Is there a shower?
Capsule Hotel answer There is a small shower room in a single room. For the guests using capsule rooms, there are shower booths.

Capsule Hotel question Can I get something to eat in the hotel?
Capsule Hotel answer There is no restaurant in the hotel buildings, but many restaurants and bars are available in the vicinity of the hotel.

Capsule Hotel question Can I use the hotel during daytime?
Capsule Hotel answer

Day-use (from 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.) of capsule room is available for Yen 600/hour, and that of single room for Yen 1,100/hour.
Day-use of only single room is available for female guests.

At Hotel Siesta, "Day-Use 6 hours" (for Yen 1,500 between 3:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. for six hours at the longest) is available. The service is also available at Central Inn Gotanda.

Capsule Hotel question I would like to check out quickly in the next morning?
Capsule Hotel answer

As payment is to be done upon check-in, you do not have to spend time when checking out. You only have to return the key when you check out.

Capsule Hotel question I have never stayed in capsule hotel. Could you tell me about security?
Capsule Hotel answer

Regarding disaster prevention, the buildings comply with relevant laws and regulations and are certified by Fire and Disaster Management Agency..

Regarding security, in addition to the employees watching around all the time, security guards are deployed for checking the buildings regularly from 0:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

The buildings (except for inside of the guest rooms) also have security cameras, which are checking all the time whether there is something or somebody suspicious in the building.

Capsule Hotel question What kind of drinks can I get from the vending machine?
Capsule Hotel answer You can get soft drinks, beer and other alcohols, and a can of soft drink costs as reasonable as Yen 100.

Capsule Hotel question Can I use shower for day-use during daytime?
Capsule Hotel answer Yes, you can. Day-use is for as reasonable as Yen 600, and it includes a capsule room and shower.

Capsule Hotel question A capsule room, which has been used by many people, sounds like it smells...Is that true?
Capsule Hotel answer To eliminate odors, we deodorize the capsule with ozone every time the guests checked out. Ozone eliminates odor of cigarette and other things, which just an air cleaner can not do.

Capsule Hotel question May I ask about your Hotel Policies ?
Capsule Hotel answer These are our Hotel Policies that comply with the guidlines of the Public Health Center.

All the staff are waiting for you. Thank you !

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