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Hotel Policies, Cheap hotel in Ebisu, Shibuya, in Gotanda, shinagawa, Tokyo, Tokio, Japan

All the guests at Our Hotel (“Hotel”) shall observe the hotel policies below so that guests can make their stay safe and comfortable;

1.Smoking is allowed only in the designated areas. No smoking is allowed in a capsule room.

2.Please do not bring the following to the aisles, rooms or other facilities in the hotel: animals and birds,
b.things that cause a foul odor,
c.hazardous materials including combustibles or flammable substances,
d.weapons, such as a gun, sword, knife or other things that hurt people, and drink,

3.Please do not commit acts that may cause trouble with other guests, such as gambling in the hotel.

4.Please do not use the hotel facilities for the purpose other than their original use, such as eating and drinking inside the capsule room or taking videos without Hotels permission.

5.Please do not bring non-guests inside the hotel facilities or let them use them.

6.Please do not move or alter the hotel furniture, equipment and other hotel properties from their current status.

7.Please keep your personal belongings in the room in which you are staying and do not leave them in such areas as aisles or the lobby.

8.Please pay accommodation fees at the time of check-in. Also, at the time of check-out, note that extra fees will be charged for extended stay, or other items not covered by the payment made at the time of check-in.

9.During your stay please keep your personal belongings, including cash and other valuables, safe and secure. Hotel shall not be liable for loss of guests’ personal belongings.

10.Hotel will keep articles brought to the Lost and Found for ONE month after check-out. Upon request, Hotel will also keep guests’ baggage under its custody for up to ONE month after check-out.

Terms & Conditions for Accommodation


Article 1.

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all contracts of any kind made and entered by and between This Hotel (“Hotel”) and its guests and apply to all reservations, bookings, and agreements for accommodation, and use of all facilities at Hotel. Anything not stipulated herein shall be governed in accordance with laws, regulations and generally accepted practices.

Refusal of Accommodation

Article 2.

Hotel may refuse to provide accommodation under the following conditions;

(1) the reservation is not made under the Terms and Conditions,
(2) there is no room available due to full occupancy,
(3) a guest is likely to behave against laws or public order,
(4) a guest has contracted a contagious disease,
(5) a guest’s requests are beyond reasonable accommodations,

(6) rooms and other facilities are not available due to natural disasters or mechanical dysfunctions or the like, and

(7) a guest is drunk and is likely to cause serious trouble with the other guests, or has already done so.

Collection of Personal Information

Article 3.

To confirm a reservation, Hotel may ask the guest to provide the following personal information by a date designated by Hotel;

(1) the guest’s name, address, and telephone number, and
(2) any other information that Hotel considers necessary.

Advance Payment

Article 4.

1.To confirm a reservation, Hotel may ask guests for advance payment (“Advance Payment”).

2.The Cancellation Charge stipulated in Article 5 will be deducted from the Advance Payment, the balance of which shall be returned to the guest.


Article 5.

1.Hotel will charge and a guest shall pay, in accordance with the Article 17 (Penalty for Cancellation), cancellation fee, if she/he cancels the entire or a part of reservation (“Cancellation Charge”). Cancellation Charge does not apply if a group of more than ten guests cancels a part of reservation and that cancellation is for less than 10% of total number of people reported on the latter date of either 1) one day prior to the date of accommodation, or 2) the date on which Hotel confirmed the reservation.

2.If a guest does not explicitly inform Hotel of her/his continuous intention to stay or the estimated time of arrival, Hotel may cancel a reservation when a guest does not show up by 11:00 p.m. of the reserved date or within one hour after the scheduled arrival time the guest has stated in advance.

Article 6.

1.Hotel may cancel a reservation in the following cases, in addition to the cases described in the other Articles;

(1) a guest falls in a state described in the Article 2 (3) - (7) after the reservation is made,
(2) a guest does not provide the information in accordance with the Article 3 by the designated date, or
(3) a guest does not make Advance Payment stipulated in the Article 4 (1) by the designated date.

2.Hotel shall return to the guest the payment then already made if the reservation is canceled in accordance with the above Article 6. - 1.


Article 7.

Guests shall register at the front desk on the date of accommodation by providing the following information;

(1) the items described in the Article 3,
(2) the date and estimated time of departure, and
(3) other items that Hotel considers necessary.

Check-out Time

Article 8.

1.Guests shall leave the room by the 10:00 a.m. check-out time.

2.Hotel will charge an extra fee in accordance with Terms and Conditions if a guest continues to use Hotel facilities after check-out time.


Article 9.

1.Payment shall be made at the front desk by cash (in Japanese currency) or credit card that Hotel accepts.

2.After check-in, even if a guest does not actually use the hotel facilities for their own reasons, payment will not be exempted.

Compliance with Hotel Policies

Article 10.

All the guests shall observe the Hotel Policies, Terms and Conditions, and the other rules adopted by Hotel.

Refusal of Continuing Use

Article 11.

Even during the reserved period, in the following cases Hotel may cancel the reservation and cease to provide the guest with hotel accommodation;

(1) one or more of the events described in the Article 2 ? (3), (4), (5), (6) or (7) occurs, or
(2) there is a breach of Article 10 by the guest.

Obligation of Hotel

Article 12.

Hotel’s obligation relating to hotel accommodation shall commence at the time whichever earlier of 1) guest’s registration at the front desk, or 2) guest’s entering into the hotel room or other facilities, and end at the time when the guest leaves the room or other facilities for departure.

Article 13.

Hotel shall not be liable for any damage from which a guest suffers, if the damage is due to fire, fight or other causes for which Hotel is not responsible.

Article 14.

A guest shall be liable for damage to Hotel’s furniture and equipment, if those damages are caused by her/his willful misconduct or negligence, in which case Hotel will charge and the guest shall pay the cost to recover such damages.

Article 15.

A guest is responsible for checking where emergency exits are for her/his own safety.

Article 16.

A guest shall be charged Yen 10,000 if she/he smokes in a capsule room.

Penalty for Cancellation

Article 17.

In accordance with Article 5, if a guest cancels a reservation, she/he shall pay a penalty charge for cancellation under the following conditions;

a) if she/he cancels the reservation on the date of the scheduled stay, 100% of the accommodation fee for one day for one person, or

b) if she/he does not show up without notice, 100% of the accommodation fee.

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